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At Oxford University Press, we work to ensure the widest possible dissemination of our publications, while protecting the rights and integrity of our authors and learned society partners. We have developed permissions policies and systems to support these objectives.

We offer a number of services relating to rights and permissions, including:

  • Processing permission requests to reproduce content 
  • Copyright advice and information for learned society partners, authors, and their institutions
  • Licensing translation rights 
  • Licensing the right to include OUP content in third-party products and services such as aggregators, document delivery, and abstracting and indexing

We work to minimize the administration that is often involved in permission clearances, while ensuring that any re-use of content is fair, and the original source of the material fully attributed. To help clarify content re-use for academic and scholarly purposes, we are signatories to the Draft Scholarly Publisher Guidelines for Quotation and other Academic Uses of Excerpts.

Licensing and new business
Should you be interested in licensing the right to include OUP content in your products and/or services please contact us.

Translations and local editions
We license rights for local editions that are often translated and contain selected excerpts from the original content in addition to any approved local news, views, and editorials.

Please contact us if you wish to produce local editions of any OUP publications.

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