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Reprints (print or digital) are an extremely useful educational tool. Using reprints to help educate an audience provides tremendous value to end users and extends the distribution of the content to a wider community. Our digital distribution methods allow for ePrints to be delivered on multiple devices.

Our hardcopy bulk article reprints are useful educational tools, not only at industry-specific conferences and meetings, but also for use by corporate sales representatives. Distributing article reprints facilitates information sharing and provides access to the most current available information.

ePrints are an electronic alternative to hardcopy bulk article reprints. ePrints offer an innovative means of distributing key articles via multiple channels. You can use them on your website, tablets, USBs, CDs, or in email marketing campaigns. This enables you to disseminate key findings about your product while associating your message with a respected brand.

Benefits of OUP ePrints include: 

  • Ease of use during sales rep meetings
  • Ability to include product disclaimers, prescribing information, and company branding
  • Simple and efficient processes ensure that your ePrint will be ready within five working days
  • Savings on warehousing and distribution costs

Choose from the following ePrint options:

  • Flash ePrint for use on your website or in an email campaign
  • Mobile ePrints for use on USB sticks, CDs and at conferences
  • M3 Mobile ePrints for use on mobile or tablet devices

Download an example M3 mobile ePrint
Download an example Flash ePrint

Request a quote
When requesting a quote for either a hardcopy reprint or ePrint, please be sure to include the full reference; journal name, volume, issue number or supplement number and title, page numbers, author, title of article. Please note that the minimum printed quantity for hardcopy reprints is 200, and the minimum quantity of ePrints is 100.

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