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Our Research Story

Oxford University Press delivers research materials that are not bound by any format, language, or geography, to ensure access across a variety of platforms. Our goal is to meet the research and learning needs of a global academic community, providing the highest quality and most discoverable resources for an ever-evolving world.


OUP has a long history of putting consistency and quality at the center of its publishing, from the authors and editors who craft the content to the systems and services which support access to it. As in all divisions of our publishing program, OUP's authority rests in the capable hands of our delegates. The peer review process, coupled with the rigorous delegate review process, ensures that OUP is publishing only the projects best suited to benefit the scholarly community. The delegates are a selection of widely respected academics from the University of Oxford and a number of universities in the United States.

As the largest university press in the world, OUP's publishing has a depth and breadth of subject matter and content unmatched by any other institution. Our publishing encompasses an incredibly diverse range of subject areas, including Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology, Medicine and Health, Law, and Social Science, with the aim of furthering Oxford University's objective of excellence in scholarship and research. Scholarly research isn't the only highlight of the research division; we also create materials for professionals at the highest levels of Law and Medicine through books and ebooks, journals and online resources.


Oxford University Press recognizes that publishing high-quality content is just the beginning in delivering a comprehensive research service to scholars and professionals. Discoverability and usability of that content is of paramount importance with the use of high-quality XML tagging we are able to offer a robust system of information that meets the needs of scholars today and for the foreseeable future.

Discoverability sits at the forefront of our service, with XML tagging supporting the journey through the ocean of online information, and also expanding our scope as a traditional publisher of our own content with new online initiatives, such as:

  • The Oxford Index, a free discovery service which provides a single convenient search portal connecting nearly a quarter of a million related materials;
  • University Press Scholarship Online, provides researchers with quick and easy access to high-quality scholarship from university presses around the world;
  • Oxford Bibliographies, providing annotated bibliographies specifically designed to guide researchers through the most important scholarship in a particular field, regardless of publisher

Dissemination and Global Presence

OUP publishes products in 40 different languages, and researchers access our content from nearly every country in the world. Our international offices and staff, coupled with our integral mission to publish worldwide, ensure we have a global publishing perspective, offering a comprehensive selection of research products to academic and professional communities. From Austria to Mexico, Norway to Zimbabwe, Oxford University Press content is being used by authors, researchers, and professionals worldwide.

OUP has a long history of evolving with the ever-changing research landscape to continually meet the demands and expectations of the researcher. OUP strives to deliver access to scholarship wherever the researcher is, on the platforms and in the formats that best suit their needs, whether in print, online or via mobile. As publishers we are continually innovating to position ourselves to meet the evolving needs of the 21st century researcher.