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Our publishing reflects a never-ending curiosity. We offer different perspectives and exciting new elements of often told stories from the riveting tale behind D-Day to the rarely told Islamic experience of the Crusades.

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

The first and only reader-friendly guide written by trans people for trans people.

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Go beyond D-Day and uncover the years of political negotiations, mass transports and logistics, and battles between legendary personalities.

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Christ to Coke

Read an original take on the often weird and wonderful ways visual icons adapt to an astonishing variety of contexts.

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Marriage Markets

Cut through the ideological and moralistic rhetoric to see how economic inequality is changing the face of the American family.

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Cracking the Particle Code of the Universe

Get an insider's look at the hype surrounding the Higgs boson and its discovery.

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The Race for Paradise

Filling a significant historical gap, this book tells the seldom or understood Islamic perspective of the Crusades.

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The Dozens

The first ever, in-depth look at the funny, dirty, and often offensive linguistic tradition of the dozens.

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Hallelujah Moments

Follow the little-known "adventure stories" of some of the most important drug discoveries ever.

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Point of Attack

Discover a new understanding of why we go to war and the new threats to international security.  

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Charity and Sylvia

An intimate look at the only recorded same-sex marriage before the Civil War that sheds new light on the limited LGBT history in early America.

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