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    Publishing with a Purpose

    With origins dating back to 1478, Oxford University Press is mission-driven to make the best research and scholarship available to as many people as we can. Find out how we’re ensuring the next 500 years will be as exceptional as the last.

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  • Let's Connect
    Let's Connect

    Let's Connect

    Go beyond the book and learn more about your favorite Oxford authors, test your knowledge with interactive quizzes, and see what’s new in our online communities.

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  • Digital Excellence
    Digital Excellence

    to Digital Excellence

    Recognized in and out of the publishing world for our digital reference resources, we are committed to standards of excellence to fulfill the needs of the 21st-century researcher.

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  • Language Matters
    Language Matters

    Language Matters

    For over 150 years, we’ve been publishing dictionaries and developing innovative tools to suit your language needs. Oxford Dictionaries Online keeps evolving, bringing you closer to English and a growing range of world languages.

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  • Inspiring Musicians
    Inspiring Musicians

    Musicians Worldwide

    As one of the largest and longest-established publishers of music scholarship in the world, we are proud to continue expanding our range of music history, theory, and education year after year.

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  • Trusted Societies Partner
    Trusted Society Partner

    Trusted Society Partner

    Our mission is to publish quality journals in every discipline and to deliver this research across the globe. As a member of the academic community, our valued partnerships with societies make it possible.

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