The Way We Work

The Way We Work

Understanding our mission and values, and the way we achieve them

Use of personal information by Oxford University Press

We are  committed to protecting your personal information and respecting data privacy laws around the world. We want everyone who comes into contact with us to feel confident that their personal information is being handled honestly, transparently, and in accordance with all applicable laws.

Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy aims to provide transparency and clarity on how we use your personal information to provide you with our products and services. It sets out your rights and how to contact us if you have any questions, complaints, or wish to request any changes, in relation to the personal information that we hold about you.

Cookie Policy
Cookies are small files saved on your device(s) which are used to provide functionality for OUP’s websites and online services. They do this by storing certain items of personal information about your use of our websites and services. Our Cookie Policy provides more information on how we use cookies, and what specific cookies are used for our different platforms.