The Way We Work

The Way We Work

Understanding our mission and values, and the way we achieve them

Our environmental commitment

We are committed to measuring our impact on the environment both locally and globally, and identifying areas where we can minimize this impact or use our resources more effectively. The two links below provide more details on our approach to the environment and sourcing paper.  

Environment Policy

Our Environment Policy outlines our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment at both a local and global level. This includes complying with relevant legislation, promoting a culture of environmental awareness both among our employees and with our suppliers, and identifying opportunities to reduce our environmental impact.

Paper Sourcing Strategy Statement

As a member of The Publishers Database for Responsible Environmental Paper Sourcing (PREPS), we are committed to responsible paper sourcing. This statement outlines our approach to paper sourcing, and how we seek to improve the environmental quality of our paper supply, increase the efficiency of how we use paper, and encourage our suppliers to identify opportunities to minimize their environmental impact.