The Way We Work

The Way We Work

Understanding our mission and values, and the way we achieve them

Oxford University Press Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct presents a set of values and principles that underpin all of our work at Oxford University Press. We have two versions of our code; one for employees and one for our partners. For more information please click on the links below:

Employee Code of Conduct

Our Employee Code of Conduct provides guidance to our staff around the world about the way they should work and what is expected of them. It also includes OUP's commitments across a range of important ethical and social concerns.

Partner Code of Conduct

Our Partner Code of Conduct has been created to give our business partners a clear view of the values and principles that underpin all of our work. Business partners include suppliers, authors, customers, agents, government officials, and any other business partner with whom OUP has a business relationship.

We choose our business partners with great care, ensuring that they are the most competent and reliable. We also value our relationships with them and endeavour to make them honest and open. In return we expect all of our business partners to act in accordance with our Partner Code of Conduct at all times.