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Magna Carta 800th anniversary

Commemorate 800 years of the Magna Carta in this Who's Who article.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In October 2014, the UK turned pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Who's Who and Who Was Who celebrate the contributions of researchers, charity workers and notable supporters in the fight against cancer in this latest feature article.

A Road to a Referendum

On 18th September 2014, the people of Scotland voted on whether to remain part of the UK or to stride off as an independent nation. Who's Who takes a look at the key people involved in this Scottish Referendum feature article.

Summer of Festivals

Explore our Summer of Festivals feature article, as we highlight a range of characters who have helped to bring us events including the BBC Proms, the Glyndebourne Opera, and Glastonbury.

Summer of Sport

The start of a British summer; the occasional glimmer of sunshine, the constant threat of rain and plenty of sporting action to follow! Explore this feature article from Who's Who and Who Was Who as we guide you through the sporting highlights of the summer.

Who Was Who: the history of an era

Who Was Who has proved invaluable in identifying not only those who shaped the events of their time but others, now forgotten, who were familiar names to the journalists and diarists who recorded the events of the day. In this feature article, you can find information on those who shaped the nation between 1897 and 1915.

Who's Who remembers 2013

Who's Who looks back on an eventful 2013. How much can you remember of the year that was? From politicians to Nobel Prize winners, and Olympians to entrepreneurs, it's all covered in this Who's Who quiz

Who's Who 2014

Explore the 2014 update to Who's Who, including highlights from the worlds of sport, arts, entertainment, and more!

Prizewinning Who's Who

Who's Who shines the spotlight on a wide variety of prize winners in this article.

London Fashion Week

Who's Who and Who Was Who contain some of the most influential names in fashion since 1897: explore them here!

Downton revisited

Discover the facts behind the people, place and history that helped to inspire this award-winning drama.

Who's Who hosts a dinner party

A collection of key figures from all walks of life are highlighted in this Who's Who dinner party feature.

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