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Politics in the European Union

Third Edition

Ian Bache, Stephen George, and Simon Bulmer

Publication Date - April 2011

ISBN: 9780199544813

656 pages
9.7 x 7.4 inches

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Featuring new chapters on the Lisbon Treaty; environmental policy; and freedom, security and justice, the third edition of this acclaimed text remains indispensable for students of EU Politics.


Enhanced by an accessible writing style and a variety of pedagogical resources, Politics in the European Union offers an up-to-date, balanced, and comprehensive introduction to the field. The third edition features a new coauthor, Simon Bulmer, and adds chapters on the impact of the Lisbon Treaty; environmental policy; and freedom, security, and justice. Divided into four sections--theory, history, institutions, and policies--it opens with detailed coverage of key theoretical concepts, which are also integrated and referred back to throughout the book in order to help students draw links between the EU in theory and in practice.

Ideal for students who are approaching the subject for the first time, Politics in the European Union, Third Edition, is accompanied by an extensive Companion Website. The site contains resources for students--an interactive map of Europe, an interactive timeline of European integration, multiple-choice questions, a flashcard glossary, and related links--and instructors--PowerPoint-based slides (new to this edition), essay questions, seminar questions and activities, and figures and tables from the book.

About the Author(s)

Ian Bache is Professor of Politics at the University of Sheffield.

Stephen George is Emeritus Professor of Politics at the University of Sheffield.

Simon Bulmer is Professor of Politics at the University of Sheffield.

Previous Publication Date(s)

June 2006
June 2001

Table of Contents

    1. Theories of European Integration
    2. Theories of EU Governance
    3. Critical Perspectives
    4. Theorizing Consequences
    5. Europe after the War
    6. The Schuman Plan for Coal and Steel
    7. The European Defense Community, the European Political Community, and the Road to the Rome Treaties
    8. The European Coal and Steel Community and European Atomic Energy Community
    9. The European Economic Community 1958-67
    10. After Luxembourg: The "Dark Ages" of European Integration?
    11. The European Community into the 1980s
    12. The Single European Act
    13. Maastricht: The Treaty of European Union
    14. The Road to Amsterdam: a Flexible Europe?
    15. From Amsterdam to Nice: Preparing for Enlargement
    16. After Nice; Enlargement Overshadowed
    17. The EU at a Crossroads
    18. From a European Constitution to the Lisbon Treaty
    19. The Institutional Architecture
    20. The European Commission
    21. The European Council and the Council of Ministers
    22. The European Parliament
    23. The European Court of Justice
    24. Organized Interests
    25. Policies and Policy-Making in the European Union
    26. Agriculture
    27. The Single Market
    28. Economic and Monetary Union
    29. Cohesion Policy
    30. Environmental Policy
    31. Freedom, Security, and Justice
    32. Trade and Development Aid
    33. Common Foreign and Security Policy
    34. Enlargement

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