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Contemporary Moral Issues

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Disputed Moral Issues
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What's Wrong?: Applied Ethicists and Their Critics

Second Edition

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David Boonin and Graham Oddie

February 2009

Authors meet their critics in the second edition of this unique contemporary moral problems reader

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Abortion: Three Perspectives

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Michael Tooley, Celia Wolf-Devine, Philip E. Devine...

January 2009

This engaging three-way debate goes beyond the typical liberal vs. conservative arguments for and against abortion.

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Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions

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Cass R. Sunstein and Martha C. Nussbaum

November 2005

"This is a veritable hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy of animal rights and animal welfare. Anyone genuinely concerned about the creatures who are our kin will have to read this book from cover to cover."--Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law School

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Sexual Harassment: Issues and Answers

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Linda LeMoncheck and James P. Sterba

December 2000

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Philosophical Perspectives on Sex and Love

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Robert M. Stewart

February 1995

Featuring the work of thinkers from antiquity to the modern era, this eclectic anthology presents many and varied perspectives on sexual roles and norms, eroticism, pornography, feminism, prostitution, perversion, friendship, and familial love.

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Philosophical Issues in Journalism

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Elliot D. Cohen

March 1992

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Moral Issues

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Jan Narveson

August 1983

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