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  1. Who reluctantly binds Prometheus in Aeschylus' play Prometheus Bound?
      a. Zeus
      b. Kratos
      c. Hephaestus
      d. Bia
  2. The woman Zeus seduced and then turned into a cow was:
      a. Themis
      b. Thetis
      c. Mnemosyne
      d. Io
  3. Cronus ruled during the:
      a. Iron Age
      b. Golden Age
      c. Silver Age
      d. Bronze Age
  4. The men of the Bronze Age:
      a. worshiped the gods
      b. created heroes
      c. discovered agriculture
      d. killed each other off
  5. According to the tradition, mankind is recreated:
      a. from the bones of those killed in the flood
      b. from rocks
      c. by Zeus
      d. as the natural offspring of the surviving man and woman
  6. Who survived the flood sent by Zeus?
      a. Prometheus and Pyrrha
      b. Deucalion and Hellen
      c. Deucalion and Pyrrha
      d. Noah
  7. Which of the following was the final outrage that preceded the flood?
      a. Lycaon attempted to rape Hera.
      b. Lycaon attempted to kill Zeus.
      c. Lycaon attempted to overthrow Zeus.
      d. Lycaon attempted to feed Zeus human flesh.
  8. Who was the slayer of Argus?
      a. Prometheus
      b. Hermes
      c. Zeus
      d. Epaphus
  9. The offspring of Zeus and Io was:
      a. Epaphus
      b. Pyrrha
      c. Deucalion
      d. Epimetheus
  10. Zeus punished Prometheus for which of the following?
      a. for giving men hope
      b. for creating Pandora
      c. for the deception of the sacrifice
      d. for the creation of man
  11. In the traditional version of the creation of man, who is depicted as the creator?
      a. Epimetheus
      b. Athena
      c. Deucalion
      d. Prometheus
  12. One of the most difficult opponents for Zeus to overcome was the dragon named:
      a. Typhoeus
      b. Themis
      c. Enceladus
      d. Ephialtes
  13. In another struggle Zeus fought against the Gegeneis, whose name means:
      a. the One-Hundred Handers
      b. the Earthborn
      c. the Powerful One
      d. the One-Eyed Ones
  14. In Zeus' bid for power, from which of the following did he not receive aid?
      a. Hecatonchires
      b. Cyclopes
      c. Titans
      d. Prometheus
  15. The first age in the universe was the:
      a. Golden Age
      b. Silver Age
      c. Bronze Age
      d. Iron Age
  16. Of what city was Gilgamesh king?
      a. Ur
      b. Babylon
      c. Uruk
      d. Hattusas
  17. Who corresponds to the Greek Typhoeus in the Enuma Elish?
      a. Kingu
      b. Marduk
      c. Anu
      d. Tiamat
  18. Which is not a name of the Hecatonchires?
      a. Cottus
      b. Briareus
      c. Gyes
      d. Steropes
  19. Who is the counterpart to the Greek Deucalion or the Hebrew Noah in the Epic of Gilgamesh?
      a. Ut-napishtim
      b. Enlil
      c. Enkidu
      d. Marduk
  20. Which two giants attempted to storm heaven by piling Olympus, Ossa, and Pelion upon one another?
      a. Otus and Briareus
      b. Briareus and Gyes
      c. Otus and Ephialtes
      d. Brontes and Ephialtes
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