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  1. Demeter is a goddess of:
      a. night
      b. the moon
      c. rivers
      d. grain
  2. The father of Persephone is:
      a. Poseidon
      b. Ares
      c. Dionysus
      d. Zeus
  3. Who finally told Demeter that Hades had carried off her daughter?
      a. Helius
      b. Hecate
      c. Rhea
      d. Hermes
  4. Which is not another name for the god who rules the Underworld?
      a. Dis
      b. Pluto
      c. Plutus
      d. Hades
  5. Who is credited with originating the Mysteries?
      a. Demophon
      b. Triptolemus
      c. Dionysus
      d. Orpheus
  6. Under what name does Demeter travel to Eleusis and the palace of Celeus?
      a. Doso
      b. Kore
      c. Iambe
      d. Ceres
  7. Whom did Demeter select to spread her arts of agriculture?
      a. Iacchus
      b. Iambe
      c. Celeus
      d. Triptolemus
  8. When Demeter first arrived at Eleusis, she stopped at:
      a. the house of Celeus
      b. the Maiden Well
      c. her temple
      d. her altar
  9. What is the kykeon?
      a. the pomegranate Persephone ate
      b. the altar of sacrifice
      c. the basket concealing the sacred objects
      d. the prescribed drink first mixed for Demeter
  10. What does the term hierophant refer to?
      a. the sacred object
      b. the ritual sacrifice
      c. the high priest
      d. the ritual prayer
  11. Why was Demeter's daughter required to spend a part of the year in the Underworld?
      a. She ate of the pomegranate.
      b. She had consummated her marriage with Hades.
      c. She had offended Zeus.
      d. She had to atone because Demeter had withheld fertility from the earth.
  12. Where is the chief sanctuary for the performance of Demeter's mysteries?
      a. Dodona
      b. Olympia
      c. Delphi
      d. Eleusis
  13. Which is not a name for the queen of the Underworld?
      a. Hecate
      b. Kore
      c. Proserpine
      d. Persephone
  14. According to the Homeric Hymn, Demeter at Eleusis tried to immortalize:
      a. Celeus
      b. Demopho├Ân
      c. Triptolemus
      d. Diocles
  15. What city-state was intimately involved in the rites at Eleusis?
      a. Sparta
      b. Thebes
      c. Delphi
      d. Athens
  16. What has been claimed as the ultimate revelation in the Mysteries of Demeter?
      a. an ear of grain
      b. a loaf of bread
      c. a jug of wine
      d. a flower
  17. What was one of the most famous of women's festivals and the subject of a comedy by Aristophanes?
      a. Dionysia
      b. Lenaea
      c. Thesmophoria
      d. Panathenaea
  18. What is the term for the things carried in the sacred caskets?
      a. talaria
      b. hiera
      c. kykeon
      d. kallichoron
  19. Who is the queen of Eleusis?
      a. Iambe
      b. Metaneira
      c. Doso
      d. Kore
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