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  1. After Narcissus pined away, his body became:
      a. much larger
      b. immortal
      c. water
      d. a flower
  2. Some sources say the wife of Dionysus is:
      a. Agave
      b. Penthe
      c. Ariadne
      d. Helen
  3. Satyrs are:
      a. creatures without a sense of humor
      b. part animal and part man
      c. musicians who lost a contest with Dionysus
      d. priests of Pentheus
  4. What is the name of the wand carried by Dionysus and his followers?
      a. the caduceus
      b. the thyrsus
      c. the thiasus
      d. the petasus
  5. Which is not true of Echo?
      a. She delayed Juno in conversation and her punishment was that she could only repeat words spoken to her.
      b. She fell in love with Narcissus, who rejected her.
      c. She spurned the advances of Pan and was torn apart by shepherds.
      d. She spurned the advances of Pan and was transformed into a pine tree.
  6. What nymph was changed into reeds, which were then used by Pan to fashion a pipe?
      a. Pitys
      b. Echo
      c. Syrinx
      d. Daphne
  7. What happened to the pirates who abducted Dionysus?
      a. They were torn apart.
      b. They were drowned at sea.
      c. They were sacrificed to the god.
      d. They were turned into dolphins.
  8. Who was given the gift of wine for welcoming the god?
      a. Erigone
      b. Icarius
      c. Lycurgus
      d. Midas
  9. What is the name given to older satyrs?
      a. sileni
      b. bacchants
      c. maenads
      d. Galli
  10. What does the term omophagy mean?
      a. It refers to the sacred band that attend the god.
      b. It signifies the rending of the sacrificial animal.
      c. It is the magic wand that Dionysus and his attendants carry.
      d. It means the eating of the raw flesh of the sacrificial animal.
  11. In the Bacchae, what young king of Thebes rejects the worship of Dionysus?
      a. Lycurgus
      b. Pentheus
      c. Icarius
      d. Cadmus
  12. Which is not true of Dionysus?
      a. He was sewn into the thigh of Zeus until he came to term.
      b. He is fundamentally a vegetation god.
      c. From the myths about him, it appears that he was native to Greece.
      d. He was cared for by the nymphs of Nysa and Semele's sister Ino.
  13. What was the fate of Semele?
      a. She cheated on Zeus and he struck her with his thunderbolt.
      b. She was turned into a cow and Hera sent a gadfly to harass her.
      c. She asked to see Zeus in his true form and was blasted by his appearance.
      d. She killed herself when she learned she had conceived a child by Zeus.
  14. What is the nature of human beings according to the variant myth of Dionysus' origins?
      a. Human beings are both titanic and divine.
      b. The human body is basically pure.
      c. The soul is fundamentally corrupt.
      d. Human beings have a tripartite nature.
  15. In a variant of the myth, who is Dionysus' mother?
      a. Hera
      b. Bacche
      c. Ariadne
      d. Persephone
  16. Who wrote the Dionysiaca?
      a. Nonnus
      b. Plutarch
      c. Hesiod
      d. Homer
  17. Why was Midas granted the gift of the golden touch?
      a. He welcomed Dionysus.
      b. He respected his mother Semele.
      c. He rejoiced at the just punishment of Pentheus
      d. He released Silenus.
  18. What is the name of the sacred band that forms the Dionysian entourage?
      a. caduceus
      b. sparagmos
      c. thiasus
      d. thyrsus
  19. Who tries to convince Pentheus to revere the new god Dionysus?
      a. Apollo
      b. Tiresias
      c. Lycurgus
      d. Zeus
  20. Which is not a sister of Semele?
      a. Agave
      b. Autonoƫ
      c. Ino
      d. Nysa
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