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This fifth edition of The Moral Life continues the text's tradition of combining literature and philosophy to deepen students' understanding of moral concepts and issues. It brings together a varied collection of classical and contemporary readings on ethical theory and practice. Integrating literature and philosophy, the book uses literary works to enliven and make concrete the ethical theory or applied issues addressed. The volume is about ½ ethical theory, ¼contemporary moral problems, and ¼ literary works.

Literary works lead students into many ethical concepts and issues, including relativism; utilitarianism; deontology; virtue ethics; the meaning of life; freedom and autonomy; feminist ethics; the ethics of care; environmental ethics; and global economic justice. The literary pieces include Melville, Le Guin, Camus, Hawthorne, Orwell, Styron, Tolstoy, Vonnegut, and many others. The ethical topics are developed further through readings by philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Singer, Sartre, Rachels, Hardin, and Pojman. This anthology emphasizes the personal side of ethics, which is often ignored or minimized in ethics texts. Pedagogical features include chapter introductions, study questions, suggestions for further reading, biographical sketches of the writers, and an updated section on "How to Read and Write Philosophy Papers."

In addition to this companion website, an IRCD with CTB is available for adopting instructors. For the first time, Learning Management System (LMS) Cartridges are available in formats compatible with any LMS in use at your college or university and include the following: The Instructor's Manual and Computerized Test Bank; Student resources from the Companion Website.

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