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Thank you for referring to the Oxford University Press Companion Website. The materials in this website are intended to assist you in the preparation of your documents. Among the examples presented, there is variation from individual to individual and from discipline to discipline, but you will also find commonality among the documents through the use of accepted, recognizable organizational ideas and models. Whether you resonate with the various presentations and ideas conveyed is not the purpose of these materials. The purpose is to provide you with ideas to help you create your own documents. The primary focus of your materials is twofold: 1. to present information that is easily understood and clearly organized, and 2. to create documents that appropriately represent you and best convey your expertise in the field.

You are your materials—your documents are self-professed and selected personal statements that best exemplify your expertise. Your comfort level with your documents is essential. I hope you find the materials in this website stimulating and, as such, help you foster ideas that will enable you to create those documents that best represent your abilities.


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