Musik Kontemporer

Track MK-S/1 Sang Nyoman Arsawijaya. Geräusch.

Track MK-1/1. Madé Subandi. Ceraken, excerpt.

Track MK-2/1. Wayan Sadra. Beringin Kurung.

Track MK-2/2. Pande Madé Sukerta. Asanawali.

Track MK-2/3. Ida Bagus Gede Widnyana. Dadu.

Track MK-3/1. Ketut Gede Asnawa. Kosong, excerpt. From Tenzer (2000), used with permission of the University of Chicago Press.

Track MK-4/1. Wayan Gede Arsana. Moha.

Track MK-4/2. Wayan Sudirana. Kreasi 45.

Track MK-4/3. Gusti Putu Sudarta. Kidung Mpu Tantular, excerpt.

Track MK-4/4. Nyoman Windha. Lekesan.

Track MK-4/5. Sang Nyoman Arsawijaya. Slonding Baru, excerpt.

Track MK-5/1. Agus Teja. Senggama.

Track MK-6/1. Sang Nyoman Arsawijaya. Pinara Tunggah. Sequenced Composition.

Track MK-6/2. Sang Nyoman Arsawijaya. Pinara Tunggah. Live Performance.

Track MK-6/3. Gusti Komin Darta. Aptiningulun.

Track MK-6/4. Ida Bagus Gede Widnyana. Trimbat.

Track MK-6/5. Wayan Gede Yudane. Entering the Stream, excerpt.

Track MK-6/6. Dwiki Dharmawan, Nyoman Windha. Soul of Indonesia, excerpt.

Track MK-6/7. Madé Subandi. Gender Romantis, excerpt.

Track MK-7/1. Tabuh Gari, excerpt (Bali Stereo B761).

Track MK-7/2. Sang Nyoman Arsawijaya. Pamoksa.

Track MK-7/3. Dewa Ketut Alit. Mecaru, excerpt.

Track MK-7/4. Lengker, excerpt (Bali Stereo B706).

Track MK-7/5. Tabuh Pat Jagul, excerpt 1 (Vital Records VR 401).

Track MK-7/6. Pengastung Kara, excerpt (Vital Records VR 440).

Track MK-7/7. Tabuh Pat Jagul, excerpt 2 (Vital Records VR 401).

Track MK-7/8. Legong Keraton, excerpt 1 (Maharani RCD-10).

Track MK-7/9. Legong Keraton, excerpt 2 (Maharani RCD-10).

Track MK-7/10. Kebyar Duduk, excerpt (Vital Records VR 401).

Track MK-7/11. Dewa Ketut Alit. Salju (4th mov’t).

Track MK-7/12. Sang Nyoman Arsawijaya. Ambisi.

Track MK-7/13. Dewa Ketut Alit. Salju (1st mov’t).

Track MK-7/14. Luang, excerpt.

Track MK-7/15. Panji Marga, excerpt (King Records KICC 5127).

Track MK-8/1. Wayan Gede Yudane. Lebur Seketi, excerpt (Bali Stereo B918).

Track MK-8/2. DyDeDi, excerpt.

Track MK-8/3. Ida Bagus Gede Widnyana. Santa Claus is Coming to Town, excerpt.

Track MK-10/1. Madé Karmawan. Tajen, excerpt.

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