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About the Book presents:

  • Information about Principles of Biomedical Ethics
  • Information About the Authors
  • The Table of Contents

In Instructor Resources, there are:

  • Downloadable Instructor's Manual and Testbank, which features:
    • Chapter Summaries of each chapter
    • Reading Goals for each chapter
    • A Bank of Test Questions (with answers) for each chapter—Multiple Choice, True/False, and fill-in-the-blank (please note that any questions with an asterisk next to them also appear on the student self-quizzes)
    • Essay Questions per chapter
    • Useful Web Links for each chapter
    • Suggested readings and mediafor each chapter

  • PowerPoint lecture slides to help you structure your classes

In Student Resources, you will find:

  • Self-quizzes on every chapter in the book
  • Useful Web Links to other sites of interest
  • Suggested readings and media for each chapter
  • Reading Goals for each chapter

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