Chapter 7

Julie Coleman

Part I, Section on Evidence
7. Using dictionaries and thesauruses as evidence
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Investigating the principles and practice behind the Oxford English Dictionary: Brewer, Charlotte. 2005–– Examining the OED. Last modified 17 October 2011.

The Old English complement to the Middle English Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary:
DiPaolo Healey, Antonette, ed. 1986–. The Dictionary of Old English: A–G. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies.  Last modified 17 October 2011.

Samuel Johnson, on writing his Dictionary of the English Language:
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Samuel Johnson’s preface to his Dictionary of the English Language:
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The Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary, diachronically presenting the vocabulary of English in detailed semantic categories:
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The electronic version of the Middle English Dictionary:
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An article concerning a corpus of digitized books and “culturomics”:
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The Oxford English Dictionary Online:
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User-written online dictionary:
Urban Dictionary. 1999–2011. Accessed 8 December 2011.

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