Chapter 45

Edgar Schneider

Part III, Section on Language contact
45. Contact-induced change in English world-wide
Description: link to the website of the book English Around the World

The following link is to the website of the book English Around the World (Schneider 2011a):
There, the link “Resources” opens a page with gives access to various samples and sound files which illustrate new varieties of English in different countries and contexts. In the present context, “Text 13: Selections from recordings with Chinese students” (under “Sound files / More resources”) is of particular interest, because it illustrates “Chinese English”, referred to in the chapter (at the end of sections 2 and 4, respectively). These are samples of interviews with speakers from mainland China collected in October 2006 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. More comprehensive analyses and explanations of these features can be found in Schneider (2011a: 182–85, 2011b: 144–54).

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