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This Instructor’s Manual supplies a great deal of useful material to supplement the pedagogy already present in the text.

The text contains:

  • Numerous dynamic color photos keep students engaged
  • Maps and charts provide visual overviews at a glance
  • Marginal definitions bring students up to speed on new concepts
  • Chapter-ending study questions review key ideas and encourage reflection
  • First-century quotations expose students to the world of the New Testament
  • “A Closer Look” boxes cover more advanced topics

This manual includes:

  • Downloadable Instructor’s Manual and Testbank, which features:
    • Sample Syllabi
    • Reading Goals for each chapter
    • Chapter Summaries of each chapter
    • A Bank of Test Questions (with answers) for each chapter—Multiple Choice & True/False
    • Essay Questions per chapter
    • Pedagogical Suggestions for further reading by chapter
    • Useful Web Links for each chapter
    • Key Terms by chapter, highlighted in the text
  • PowerPoint lecture slides to help you structure your classes

The test questions as well as the essay questions should be especially helpful. The test questions are designed as chapter quizzes but will work equally well as study questions. The essay questions for each reading can also be used as a short quiz or as additional study questions. They can even be merged into a larger bank and used to test the students’ grasp of a whole chapter.

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