Relevant Links
Clearinghouse for all federal grants
Subtitled “Aesthetics and Technicalities for Grantwriters.” Focus is on grant writing for nonprofits.

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal
PDF on grant writing and extensive materials prepared by the Minnesota Council on Foundations. Focus is on “grant seeking in Minnesota,” but materials are useful for other locations.

Proposal Writing Short Course
Step-by-step instructions for writing a grant proposal. Site charges tuition for longer online courses that are applicable for CFRETM International CEUs (continuing education units) for initial or recertification.

How to Write a Bad Proposal
PowerPoint from European Commission Directorate-General Information Society and Media Microsystems that explains in detail the reasons that organization usually rejects applications

How to Write a Bad Proposal
Common reasons for rejection of student scholarships from the Office of the President at Williamette University

How to Write a Bad Proposal
PDF on “The Evaluation Process” from Eurostat that focuses on “how not to write a proposal”

Designing PowerPoint Slides for an Oral Proposal
Guidelines for converting a proposal to PowerPoint for an oral presentation

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