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About the Book

The acclaimed Oxford Latin Course, now in a streamlined, two-volume edition ideal for American college students. Adapted to better meet the needs of American college students, The Oxford Latin Course, College Edition, retains its trademark reading-based approach, but does so now in two companion volumes—Readings and Vocabulary and Grammar, Exercises, Context—that cover all of the topics essential to a first-year Latin course.


  • Streamlined organization that focuses more closely on the life of the Roman poet Horace

  • Additional and more robust grammar explanations

  • Revised cartoons—completely redrawn for a college audience—that illustrate grammar points and provide students with “visual vignettes”

  • A revised narrative that corresponds to customary U.S. usage and Americanized spelling

  • A Companion Website at www.oup.com/us/morwood containing grammar and syntax drills, flashcards for vocabulary review, phonetic pronunciations, and instructional materials

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