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Welcome to Instructor Resources on the Companion Website for A Brief Introduction to the New Testament, 3e by Bart D. Ehrman. Here you will find the Instructor’s Manual and Test Bank, as well as PowerPoint lectures for each chapter.

This Instructor’s Manual is designed to assist you in introducing the historical world of The New Testament to your students. Content Summaries outline the major themes of each chapter, and Glossary Terms highlight new concepts. Pedagogical suggestions are provided for cultivating thoughtful class discussion, and Guides for Reading may help students think broadly and comparatively about new ideas they encounter. The second half of the Instructor’s Manual contains an extensive selection of Test Questions, including multiple choice and essay questions for each chapter. Answer keys and brief sample responses to the essay questions are also provided.

The Chapter Summaries, Glossary Terms, and Guides for Reading are included on this website and are organized to help students better comprehend the text. Additionally, Self-Quizzes consist of about fifteen multiple choice questions selected from those provided at the end of this Instructor’s Manual (these questions are indicated with an asterisk).

The Instructor’s Manual of the first edition was originally prepared by L. Stephanie Cobb, Assistant Professor of Religion at Hofstra University. Jason A. Staples, Teaching Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, revised the text for this new edition.

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