Welcome to the companion website for The School Services Sourcebook, Second Edition, by Dr. Cynthia Franklin, Dr. Mary Beth Harris, and Dr. Paula Allen-Meares. When used in conjunction with the textbook, this website will provide users with the best understanding and use of the concepts within.  

On this site, you will find supplementary online-only chapters that discuss special topics such as Strategies for Marketing Successful School Mental Health Services, Training for Ethical Decision Making, No Child Left Behind Policies and Other Cutting-edge Federal Policies, as well as a look at the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.   

The video, coinciding with Chapter 47 in the School Services Sourcebook, demonstrates a social skills group. Both the children and adults are actors and this is not an actual group. It does, however, provide a solid example of how one would go about doing a check-in, reviewing the rules of a group, doing a social skills lesson with role plays and doing a wrap-up to determine what skills have been learned. The children are much more compliant than those you would typically have in a small social skills group designed to address Tier 2 or Tier 3 behavior. This video should serve as a useful tool to remember crucial pieces of a social skills group.

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