Speech Preparation Checklists

Answer YES or NO to the following questions:


Have you chosen an effective attention strategy to begin your speech? (Review Chapter 13.)

Have you formulated a clear, concise specific purpose statement? (Review Chapter 13.)

Have you developed substantial reasons that explain why the audience should care about your purpose statement? (Review Chapter 13.)

Have you organized your main points that you will preview? (Review Chapter 13.)

Can your main points be developed sufficiently in the time allotted for your speech? (Review Chapter 13.)

Do you have any special expertise on the subject that could enhance your personal credibility? (Review Chapter 13.)


Have you chosen a clear organizational pattern such as topical, chronological, spatial, causal, problem-solution, or problem-cause-solution? (Review Chapter 12.)

Have you used the correct symbol system to outline your main points and subpoints? (Review Chapter 12.)

Does your outline follow standards of coherence, completeness, balance, and division? (Review Chapter 12.)

Do you provide effective examples to clarify and support your points? (Review Chapter 13.)

Do you provide credible and recent statistics to support important points? (Review Chapter 13.)

Are standards for competent use of supporting materials (credibility, relevance, and sufficiency) satisfied? (Review Chapters 6 and 13.)

Are visual aids prepared to clarify or support important points? (Review Chapter 14.)

Do your visual aids meet standards of appropriate use? (Review Chapter 14.)

Have you prepared a speaking outline so you can deliver your speech extemporaneously? (Review Chapter 13.)


Have you prepared a concise summary of your main points? (Review Chapter 13.)

Have you included a brief reference to your introduction (if relevant)? (Review Chapter 13.)

Have you developed an attention-getting finish for your speech? (Review Chapter 13.)

If required, submit this form to your professor.

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