The Companion Website at offers a wealth of study and review resources including activities, flashcards for key terms in the book, interactive self-tests, objectives, summaries, and web links to a variety of media-related websites.


Instructor’s Manual and Test Bank, by Tamara Henry of the University of Maryland, College Park, provides teaching tips, exercises, and test questions that will prove useful to both new and veteran instructors. The Instructor’s Manual includes chapter objectives, detailed chapter/lecture outlines, discussion topics, and suggested activities for each chapter. The comprehensive Test Bank offers nu­merous exam questions for each chapter in multiple-choice, true/false, and essay formats.

Instructor’s Resource CD with Computerized Test Bank, available to adopters, includes the full Instructor’s Manual and Test Bank, as well as computer­ized testing software and new PowerPoint-based lecture presentations by Michael Evans of Indiana University.

Instructor’s Companion Website at is a pass­word-protected site that features the Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint-based lec­ture slides, and links to supporting materials.

Course cartridges for a variety of e-learning environments allow instruc­tors to create their own course websites with the interactive material from the in­structor and student companion websites. Contact your Oxford University Press representative for access or for more information about these supplements or cus­tomized options.

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