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Unit Quizzes
Each unit is accompanied by a reading quiz for students. These quizzes are presented via Oxford Homework Online and are automatically graded. Please contact your Oxford University Press representative for more information and for access to our online homework system.

Animation Exercises
Every Oxford University Press animation is included in an animation exercise that can be assigned to students. These exercises help guide the student through a process of using the animation for exploration and explanation, rather than as a simple drill exercise. The version you see here is an offline version constructed for easier review. These are meant to be used via Oxford Homework Online where they can be presented to students and automatically graded.

Visualization Exercises
A Visualization Exercise that calls to an external resource such as NASA or NOAA accompanies many units and guides students through an exploration of some real data. These exercises are presented via Oxford Homework Online and automatically graded by the computer.

Google Earth Exercises
Written by renowned Google Earth experts Declan De Paor and Steven Whitmeyer, each these exercises uses the power of Google Earth to illustrate some of the most important and difficult to visualize concepts in geography. Available on Oxford Homework Online, these exercises cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to World Geography and Google Earth
  2. Interpreting Maps
  3. Atmospheric and Oceanic Processes
  4. It’s This Crazy Weather We’ve Been Having: Weather and Climate Zones
  5. Tectonics and Mountain-building
  6. Volcanic Processes
  7. Glacial Processes
  8. Coastal Features and Shoreline Change

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