For Instructors

PowerPoint Presentations
Every unit in the book is accompanied by prepared PowerPoint lectures, crafted by experienced teacher Steve Ladochy of California State University Los Angeles.

Digital Images from Book
Every unit in the book is accompanied by ALL the images from the text—both pre-inserted into PowerPoint and simply as JPGs.

The Oxford University Press Animation program delivers high-quality animations of the most difficult concepts to visualize. These animations come by themselves for use in lecture. Professors can also choose to assign their students an animation exercise (see “For Students” folder) that guides students through the animations and that will be automatically graded by the computer.

Test Questions
Every unit in the book is accompanied by test questions, written by Steve Ladochy, Pedro Ramirez, and Angelique Hamane, all of California State University Los Angeles, that professors can use to create exams. These questions are taken directly from the unit, and focus on important concepts rather than trivia.

Test questions from Oxford University Press are accompanied by Diploma question authoring and management tool. Diploma has been shipped with more than 2,000 textbooks and is used by over 40,000 instructors every year. Designed for both novice and advanced users, Diploma enables instructors to quickly and easily:

  • Create or edit questions
  • Create quizzes with a “drag-and-drop” feature
  • Publish quizzes to online courses

Please contact your Oxford University Press representative for more information.

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