Chapter 5

In this chapter, you see parataxis—the idea (presented in Chapter 2) that myths often weave together different stories without logical connection—occurring in the stories found in the Bible. That is, Genesis incorporates two separate creation scenarios, and the story of creation found in it is actually a compilation of the work of three different authors, identified as Priestly, Jehovist (or Yahwist), and Elohist.

The sources of these stories come from different time periods, from approximately 950 to 550 B.C.E., and they impart different slants to their versions of creation. You can track which source you are reading by clues in the writing: differences in their names for God and, in the case of the Priestly writer, a reflection of the Babylonian creation stories. The different versions of the creation story reinforce and complement each other to give a richer picture of the Biblical God. You encounter these writers again in Chapter 13, The Bible: Genesis" (Flood) and the introduction there gives more information on them.  

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