Self Quiz

  1. Alongside our culture's contemporary interest in heroes, we have become enchanted with __________.

  2. According to psychologist Melanie Klein, the first process experience by infants is characterized by a fantasy of devouring the mother through vampire-like________.

  3. In all of the stories we considered in this chapter, the woman herself has the opportunity to become _________.

  4. In the Vampire Academy series, Rose Hathaway's journey involves learning to accept her ___________mother.

  5. In the Twilight series, Bella's sexuality, like that of Rose Hathaway in Vampire Academy, must be  _______.

  6. Twilight author Stephenie Meyer sees a world in which people are inadequately mothered, but  ________is her solution.

  7. Like Rose in the Vampire Academy series, and Bella in the Twilight novels, Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake must deal with being poorly ________.

  8. Laurell K. Hamilton's work represents yet another vampire-rich world that typifies the contemporary concern with humanity's struggle within a world characterized by rapacity and _______.

  9. The protagonists in the vampire tales discussed in this chapter grow into power by accepting the ______ of the vampire.

  10. The vampire hero is the one who tames the ____ of the mother.


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