Study Questions

  1. Examining the list of Key Terms, note those that refer to Melanie Klein's theories about the development of humans from infancy.

  2. Summarize the ideas of Melanie Klein. How do they apply to each of the female protagonists discussed in this chapter? How do they differ from the other theories discussed in the book?

  3. List the vampires and female protagonists in the Vampire Academy and Twilight series, and in the books about Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Note their similarities and differences. How does each work reflect the concerns and values of readers?

  4. Consider other methods of analysis you have studied in this book and summarize how each may apply to the vampire stories discussed in this chapter. Are there any aspects of the stories that do not fit with a particular form of analysis? What does this tell you something about the stories and the method of analysis?

  5. Which of the insights provided by myth, as described in Chapter 1, are referred to in this chapter?

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