Welcome to the companion website for Oxford’s Introduction to Mythology, Third Edition! This site contains various resources for both instructors and students.

In About the Book you will find the following information:

  • About the Book
  • About the Authors
  • Key Features of the Text
  • And the full Table of Contents

In the Instructor Resources section you will find:

  • Lecture Outlines in PowerPoint format
  • Now Playing: Learning Mythology Through Film links.
  • Photos in PowerPoint format
  • Web Links to informative sites

In the Student Resources section you will find:

  • Chapter Summaries that outline major themes of the book
  • Key Terms for each chapter
  • Now Playing: Learning Mythology Through Film synopses of relevant films for most chapters
  • Helpful Study Questions that follow each chapter summary
  • Self-quizzes that give you the opportunity to test what you have learned
  • A list of Weblinks for further exploration of the world of the Mythology
  • Glossary of gods, heroes and anti-heroes

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