Foundations of Evidence-Based Programs
Sixth Edition
Richard M. Grinnell, Jr., Peter A. Gabor and Yvonne A. Unrau
ISBN13: 9780199859054 / ISBN10: 0199859051
Paperback, 432 pages, January 2012

Welcome to the companion website for Program Evaluation for Social Workers, Sixth Edition, by Richard M. Grinnell Jr., Peter A. Gabor and Yvonne A. Unrau.

When used in conjunction with the book, this website will provide  both instructor and student with the best understanding and use of the concepts within.

In the Instructor Resources section, instructors will find  information for use in the classroom, from suggested teaching strategies and group activities, to suggested writing assignments and multiple-choice questions.

In the Student Resources section, students can access an outline of each chapter in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

The Evaluation Resources section is an extensive selection of links to other websites, documents, and online resources of use to both instructor and student alike.


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