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Appendix E.2


CV1 Normal Brittany

CV2 Achiasmatic Belgian Sheepdog: Pre-Tenotomy and Reattachment

CV3 Achiasmatic Belgian Sheepdog: Post-Tenotomy and Reattachment

CV4 RPE65-Deficient Canine: Pre-Gene-Therapy Behavior

CV5 RPE65-Deficient Canine: Post-Gene-Therapy Behavior

CV6 RPE65-Deficient Canine: Pre-Gene-Therapy Eye Movements

CV7 RPE65-Deficient Canine: Post-Gene-Therapy Eye Movements

CV8 Cat with Infantile Nystagmus

CV9 Goat with Seesaw Nystagmus

KeyNote and PowerPoint Files

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