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Appendix E.1.4

Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome Model Poster

MP1 Abstract

MP2 INS Models

MP3 INS Model Behavior

MP4 INS Model Questions

MP5 MP5 INS Model Hypotheses

MP6 INS Model Methods

MP7 INS Model Block Diagram

MP8 INS Model

MP9 INS Model AL Gain Modulation

MP10 INS Model Internal Monitor

MP11 INS Model Methods 2

MP12 INS Model Alexanders Law

MP13 INS Model Predictions Sharp AL

MP14 INS Model Predictions Medium AL

MP15 INS Model Predictions Broad AL

MP16 INS Model Outputs Sharp Null

MP17 INS Model Outputs Sharp Nulls

MP18 INS Model Outputs Medium Nulls

MP19 INS Model Outputs Broad Nulls

MP20 INS Model Output Sharp Null

MP21 INS Model Medium NAFX Peak

MP22 INS Model Sharp NAFX Peak

MP23 INS Model Broad NAFX Peak

MP24 INS Model Results

MP25 INS Model Conclusions

MP26 INS Models Future

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