Table of Contents


Chapter One – Journalism Today

Chapter Two – Grammar and Spelling

Chapter Three – Newswriting Style

Chapter Four – The Language of News

Chapter Five – Selecting and Reporting the News

Chapter Six – Libel, Privacy and Newsgathering Issues

Chapter Seven – Ethics

Chapter Eight – Basic News Leads

Chapter Nine – Alternative Leads

Chapter Ten – The Body of a News Story

Chapter Eleven – Quotations and Attribution

Chapter Twelve – Interviews

Chapter Thirteen – Writing for Radio and TV News

Chapter Fourteen – Writing for Digital Media

Chapter Fifteen – Speeches and Meetings

Chapter Sixteen – Brights, Follow–Ups, Roundups, Sidebars and Obituaries

Chapter Seventeen – Feature Stories

Chapter Eighteen – Public Affairs Reporting

Chapter Nineteen – Advanced Reporting

Chapter Twenty – Journalism and Public Relations

Appendix A – City Directory

Appendix B – Rules for Forming Possessives

Appendix C– Answer Keys

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