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Welcome to Oxford’s Logic, second edition Online! A companion to Stan Baronett’s introductory logic textbook, this site will guide you through the key points of the book.

In About the Book, you will be able to:

  • Meet the Author
  • And access the full Table of Contents

In Student Resources, you will find:

  • Chapter Summaries that outline the major themes of each chapter

  • Guides for reading that will help you think broadly and comparatively about new ideas you encounter

  • Tipsheets to help your understanding of particularly complicated ideas in each chapter

  • Flashcards of Key Terms that highlight new concepts

  • Two types of Review Quizzes. The “pre-chapter” quizzes feature questions that are taken directly from and answered in the book itself.  The “post-chapter” quizzes are feature all-new and unique questions that can’t be found anywhere but in the Student Resources section. Combined, these Review Quizzes give you the opportunity to test what you have learned.

  • Video Tutorials to bring key concepts to life

For teachers and professors, we have a number of helpful Instructor’s Resources. For access to these resources, please contact your Oxford University Press Sales Representative or call 800.280.0280 for details:

  • An Instructor’s Manual with Computerized Test Bank on CD includes:
    • Solutions to all exercises in the book, enhanced by explanations and answers that elucidate the details of the correct answers

    • Key Terms and a summary for each chapter

    • A customizable Computerized Test Bank—with multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions—that allows instructors to give exams or homework problems that can be auto-graded

    • A traditional “pencil-and-paper” Test Bank and answer key containing the same questions as the Computerized Test Bank

    • PowerPoint-based lecture outlines

  • The Instructor’s Manual with Computerized Test Bank and the traditional Test Bank are also available in printed format.

  • The Learning Management System Cartridges include, in a fully downloadable format:
    • Instructor’s Manual and Computerized Test Bank (exams and homework problems can be auto-graded)

    • Student material from the companion website

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