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Military Ethics: An Introduction with Case Studies provides an accessible introduction to the ethical issues faced by today’s junior and mid-ranking military personnel. Offering an exceptionally practical perspective, it includes more than fifty engaging case studies—personal, historical, and fictional accounts—that give students a bird’s-eye view of various real-world ethical dilemmas. Opening with an introduction to ethics and an overview of ethical theory, the book goes on to discuss ethical problems related to: the use and misuse of power and authority; discrimination and proportionality in traditional conflicts, irregular wars, and humanitarian military interventions; supreme emergency, terrorism, and responses to terrorism; and much more.

Military Ethics is enhanced by suggestions for further reading, an abbreviation key, an extensive bibliography, and an appendix including a list of the international treaties that make up the Law of Armed Conflict. This companion website features lecture notes, additional case studies, and discussion questions.

“I am quite excited about the possibility of using this book in the classroom. The case studies are one of the great glories of the book. They are judiciously chosen and thoughtfully and clearly presented. I would expect them to be extremely helpful in the classroom.”
– Richard D. Schoonhoven, United States Military Academy, West Point

Military Ethics addresses a critical need in the pedagogical literature. By far the greatest advance is Coleman’s approach to ‘problem-based learning.’ Each chapter begins with a range of short but engaging case studies that pose dilemmas of unquestionable significance and relevance for a military reader in any cultural setting.”
– George R. Lucas, Stockdale Center for Ethics and Leadership, U.S. Naval Academy

“The book is extremely thorough and well organized. The case studies are well chosen, illustrative, pertinent, and current.”
– Eric A. Heinze, University of Oklahoma

“This is a superb book that covers a wide range of issues. Cleverly designed, it will act as a first-class teaching tool that will generate classroom discussion. It should work superbly as a general-purpose text for all of us interested in military ethics.”
Cian O’Driscoll, University of Glasgow

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