Welcome to Oxford’s Military Ethics online. A companion to Stephen Coleman’s introduction to military ethics, this site will guide you through the key points of the book.

In About the Book you will be able to:
  • Meet the Author
  • Access the full Table of Contents
In Instructor Resources you will find:
  • The complete Instructor’s Resources Guide, available for download.  This guide features chapter summaries, chapter goals, key terms and definitions, suggestions for further reading, additional case studies, discussion questions and multiple-choice quizzes.
  • Lecture Guides in PowerPoint
In Student Resources you will find:
  • Chapter Goals that will help you think broadly and comparatively about new ideas you encounter
  • Key Terms flashcards that highlight new concepts
  • Self-Quizzes that give you the opportunity to test what you have learned
  • Suggestions for Further Reading, a list of readings for further exploration of the world of military ethics

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