Film and Television Guide

Alexander. National Geographic, 2004. 60 min

Athens: Democracy for a Few. From Democracy: From Classical Times to the Present.  Five-part series. Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1996. 29 min. Good coverage of Athenian political structure.

Hippocrates in Olympia. G. P. Productions. 52 min. Based on the book Medical Care at the Ancient Olympic Games by Christos Lolas.

Kallisti. G. P. Productions. 21 min. Archaeological documentary of Santorini.

Last Stand of the 300. The History Channel, 2007. 91 min.

Secrets of the Parthenon. Nova, 2008. 56 min. Restoration of the Parthenon.

The First Olympics: Blood, Honor, and Glory. The History Channel, 2008. 137 min.

The Greek Beginning. From The Greeks. Four-part series. Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1993. 53 min. Mycenaeans to death of Alexander.

The Greek Gods. The History Channel, 2005. 50 min.

Troy. National Geographic, 2004. 60 min.

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