Thinking Musically as a framing volume for a course

Thinking Musically was originally conceived to be used in conjunction with other volumes in the Global Music Series; that remains the book’s primary purpose. My task in Thinking Musically was and is to introduce the basic elements of music so that authors of individual case studies in the series would not have to do that. They could get right to the purpose of their own book of introducing (a) particular music and music culture(s). As of this writing, the number of those volumes published is twenty-three, with more coming. In each new edition of TM, I have included material from the volumes published since the previous edition, while trying not to neglect the earlier ones.

For a complete list of the case study volumes and information about each one, see

While Thinking Musically was conceived initially as the framing volume for the ubiquitous “world music” course, it can be a valuable resource for other types of courses that we hoped the series volumes would spawn. I offer a course on Music of the East Asian Tradition, for instance, using the volumes on China, Korea, and Japan as the texts and also assigning pertinent material from TM.

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