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Scott L. Phillips, Ph.D. has seventeen years of experience working with university, high school, and middle school students as they develop their skills and pursue their interests in music and technology. He is currently the co-director of the Music Technology Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he teaches music technology courses, coordinates internships, and directs the highly-regarded UAB Computer Music Ensemble. Additionally, his Music Technology Summer Camps have attracted students from around the United States and internationally.

As a highly sought-after trainer, clinician, and consultant, he has represented major music technology companies and has worked with hundreds of audio professionals and educators throughout the United States. Dr. Philips is also an active music technology and education researcher, and frequently makes scholarly presentations, leads panels, and reads academic papers at top music, education, and technology conferences. He also serves on the advisory boards of several professional music organizations.

In Beyond Sound: The College and Career Guide in Music Technology, Dr. Phillips draws on his diverse seventeen-year career as a technology trainer and educator, his scholarly research of music technology programs, and his extensive network of music technology professionals to bring the reader an intimate and accurate view of the exciting world of music technology. Through his book, Dr. Phillips reaches out to aspiring music technologists and guides them as they learn about, prepare for, and begin their own successful careers; careers that will take them far Beyond Sound.

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