In addition to the text, a variety of ancillaries provide resources for both students and instructors.

For Students

  • The Student Success Manual, written by Leah Bryant of DePaul University, is a printed supplement that will help students master the course material. It features study tips, chapter outlines and summaries, review questions and answers, key terms, and critical thinking exercises.  

  • Now Playing: Learning Communication through Film, available as an optional printed product, looks at more than 60 contemporary and classic feature films through the lens of communication principles. Developed by Russell F. Proctor II and revised by Darin Garard of Santa Barbara City College, Now Playing illustrates a variety of both individual scenes and full-length films, highlighting concepts and offering discussion questions for a mass medium that is interactive, familiar, and easily accessible.

For Instructors

  • The Instructor’s Manual is available in print and is also included on the accompanying Instructor’s Resource CD provided to adopters of the text.  Revised by Jennifer Pitts of Volunteer State Community College, it provides teaching tips, exercises, and test questions that will prove useful to both new and veteran instructors.  The Instructor’s Manual includes pedagogical suggestions, sample syllabi, content outlines, discussion questions, chapter activities, simulations, and journal assignments.  The comprehensive Test Bank offers approximately 400 exam questions in multiple-choice, true/false, and essay formats.

  • The Instructor’s Resource CD with Computerized Test Bank, available to adopters, includes an electronic copy of the Instructor’s Manual, a computerized test bank, and newly revised PowerPoint-based lecture slides by Jennifer Pitts of Volunteer State Community College.

  • Now Playing: Instructor’s Edition, an instructor-only print supplement, includes an introduction on how to incorporate film examples in class, more sample responses to the numerous discussion questions in the student edition of Now Playing, viewing guides, additional films, and references.

  • Course cartridges for a variety of e-learning environments allow instructors to create their own course Web sites with the interactive material from the instructor and student companion Web sites. Contact your Oxford University Press representative for access.

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