Student Resources

These student resources provide a variety of materials that can enrich your study of communication. Whether you aim to test, challenge, or develop your communication skills, you will find these resources to be an indispensable tool.

  • Chapter Outlines: Chapter outlines present a streamlined version of main chapter concepts. A useful study tool.
  • Activities: Numerous activities allow you to broaden your communication skills while learning about the chapter material.
  • Key Term Flashcards: Review the flashcards to test your knowledge of important chapter terms.
  • Practice Quizzes: Take our quizzes to test yourself and ensure that you have a good grasp of key chapter concepts.
  • Review Questions: Answer these questions to assess and further your understanding of the material you've learned.
  • Documentation Links: Use these links to review sites that discuss citation of Internet sources.
  • Now Playing: Read up on recent movies that feature communication concepts as a central theme.

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