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Through this website, we hope to better sustain you as an instructor by providing as much support as possible in terms of sample problems and solutions, PowerPoint slides for use in lecture, and a digital version of the Instructor's Manual.

In order to protect the integrity of your exams and the work of our authors, we have chosen not to include a digital version of the Test Bank on this site. Too many of these banks have been hacked in other situations, rendering the questions useless and leaving instructors to come up with completely new content for testing. Please see the printed version of the Test Bank or request a version of the computerized Test Bank on CD from your representative in order to make use of this secure and essential resource, created by Dominick Salvatore and Robert Brooker, with contributions by Mikhail Melnik.

Teaching online? Be sure to click on the link in the sidebar for information on how you can request digital resources for use in your learning management system.

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