Now in its seventh edition, Dominick Salvatore's Managerial Economics in a Global Economy continue to be a standard in the field. And along with this expanded companion website, this text becomes an even more powerful teaching tool.

Students, please use the links in the sidebar to explore a comprehensive study guide complete with sample problems, automatically graded true/false and multiple choice quizzes, as well as helpful web links and additional case problems to strengthen your knowledge of managerial economics.

And instructors, your password protected section of this site contains valuable teaching resources such as the instructor's manual, PowerPoint-based presentations for your modification and customization, and answers to the additional Case Problem Sets found in the student's section.

Remember to explore the bonus chapter on linear programming!

General directory and index of economic information:
Yahoo! Economics:

Social Science/Economics/U.S. economic data, indicators, and statistics:
Bureau of Economic Analysis:
Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Census Bureau:
Department of Commerce:
Department of the Treasury:
Economic Indicators Monthly:

Economic analysis and forecasts:
Citicorp Market Information:
J.P. Morgan:

Financial data and financial market information:
Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System:
Federal Reserve:
Yahoo! Finance:
U.S. stock markets:
World stock market indexes:
Currency exchange rates:

International economic data, indicators, and statistics:
International Monetary Fund:
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development:
World Bank:
World Trade Organization:

Current national and international business news:
Bloomberg Business News:
Financial Times:
The Wall Street Journal interactive edition:
Business Week:
The Economist:

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