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Instructor Resources

This Instructor’s Manual supplies a great deal of useful material to supplement the pedagogy already present in the text.

The text contains:

  • Brief synopses of each reading
  • End-of-chapter summaries
  • End-of-chapter cases for evaluation (actual news stories)
  • Sections that examine classic cases in bioethics
  • A bibliography for each ethical issue
  • End-of-chapter lists of key terms
  • A variety of text boxes adding background information, illustrations, and analyses
  • Sections demonstrating how the major moral theories can be applied to the issues

This manual includes:

  • Downloadable Instructor’s Manual and Testbank, which features:
    • Reading Summaries & Essay Questions

    • Bank of Test Questions: Multiple Choice & True/False for each chapter (Questions #1–10 of each chapter appear on the Student Resources section of the Companion Website)

    • Essay/discussion questions per chapter

    • Key Terms, organized by chapter

    • Useful Weblinks for each chapter

  • PowerPoint Lectures to help you structure your classes

  • Sample syllabi / Course Schedules

The test questions as well as the essay questions should be especially helpful. The test questions are designed as chapter quizzes but will work equally well as study questions. The essay questions for each reading can also be used as a short quiz or as additional study questions. They can even be merged into a larger bank and used to test the students’ grasp of a whole chapter.

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