Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss Miranda v. Arizona (1966). What has been the impact of this case on law enforcement?

  2. When is a police officer justified in questioning a suspect in custody before he has been made aware of his Miranda rights? Please cite the appropriate case.

  3. Which three amendments govern confessions and admissions? Why?

  4. What are the two requirements that must be satisfied before a waiver of Miranda rights is considered valid? Explain.

  5. Is silence of a suspect sufficient to invoke the protections of the Fifth Amendment?

  6. What is the role of the exclusionary rule in obtaining confessions?

  7. What is the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine?

  8. Explain the difference between lineups and showups.

  9. Give some suggestions that may help to minimize suggestiveness in police lineups. State where the suggestions came from.

  10. Explain why suspects are entitled to counsel during post-indictment lineups but not during pre-indictment lineups.

  11. When do formal proceedings begin?

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