Discussion Questions

  1. The Supreme Court made a very important ruling that established a new standard of justification in Terry v. Ohio (1968). Explain.

  2. Explain "exigent circumstances" and give examples.

  3. Explain a "search incident to arrest." Be sure to address the timing and scope of the search.

  4. Give a detailed explanation of the plain view doctrine.

  5. What is a Terry stop? What is the level of justification required?

  6. What has the Supreme Court defined as "automobiles"? When can an automobile be searched without a warrant? What is the Court's opinion on hybrid vehicles, such as mobile homes or motor homes?

  7. What is the difference between reasonable suspicion and probable cause?

  8. Discuss the apparent authority doctrine.

  9. What level of justification is required for a "consent" search?

  10. What has the Supreme Court decided regarding drunk driving checkpoints? Cite any relevant cases.

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